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Safety Equipment Flashlight
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Safety Equipment Flashlight

Usually The Light Source Is A Small Incandescent Light Bulb Or Light-Emitting Diode (Led). A Typical Flashlight Consists Of A Light Bulb Mounted In A Reflector, A Lens To Protect The Light Source And Reflector, A Battery, And A Switch.

The Invention Of The Dry Cell And Miniature Incandescent Electric Light Bulbs Made The First Battery-Powered Flashlights Possible Around 1899. Today Flashlights Use Mostly Incandescent Lamps Or Light-Emitting Diodes And Run On Disposable Or Rechargeable Batteries. Some Are Powered By The User Turning A Crank Or Shaking The Lamp, And Some Are Powered By Solar Panels.

In Addition To The General-Purpose Hand-Held Flashlight, Many Forms Have Been Adapted For Special Uses. Head Or Helmet-Mounted Flashlights Designed For Miners And Campers Leave The Hands Free. Some Flashlights Can Be Used Underwater Or In Flammable Atmospheres.

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